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Israel Action Committee

The purpose of the Israel Action Committee is to continue enhancing Congregation Sinai as a wellspring of proactive Zionism. In particular, the Committee seeks to foster among the Sinai community a strong affinity for and identification with Israel.
The Committee takes a three-pronged approach toward this goal:
  • Education
    • Cooperating with the Director of Congregational Learning ("DCL") to sponsor relevant events at Sinai, such as guest speakers representing AIPAC or the State of Israel.
    • Consulting with the DCL to ensure a strong and meaningful program of Israel-related education in the Religious School: a structured program of Zionist education for every grade level in the Religious School.
  • Participation
    • Keeping the Sinai community aware of local Israel-related activities/events, using both social media and the Voice of Sinai newsletter.
    • Working to facilitate the community's participation in such activites/events, such as by helping arrange transportation logistics.
  • Outreach
    • Building bridges to non-Jewish communities to build grassroots alliances in support of Israel