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Reading Torah and Haftarah at Sinai


To sign up for a Torah or Haftarah Reading and/or to view the Torah/Haftarah Reading schedule, click here.

The schedule is maintained on a spreadsheet in Google Docs.  The portions for the entire year are listed by date.
Column F lists the number of verses for each Aliyah - for your convenience.
Enter your name in column A "Name of Reader"
Special instructions or details about readings are listed in column G.
The file is automatically saved so just exit your browser and you are done!
Don't forget to put the date in your calendar!  Once you sign up for a reading, you are committed.  If your circumstances change and you need to make changes, be sure to contact Roger at [email protected] so that he knows to make alternate arrangements.


If you have any questions, please email Roger at [email protected].