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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Congregation Sinai’s B’nei Mitzvah Program


The goals of the Congregation Sinai B’nei Mitzvah program are to:

  • comprehensively prepare all children in our congregation for their B’nei Mitzvah,
  • instill a sense of Jewish identity and personal connection with the Sinai community that will last a lifetime,
  • provide B’nei Mitzvah families with a meaningful Jewish experience that inspires growth and learning.

The celebration of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah represents a transition point in a child’s Jewish life.  It is an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge that a child has gained through formal education as well as the beginning of new personal and communal Jewish responsibilities.

Preparation for becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah begins in early childhood through experiencing Jewish life at home, in school, and in synagogue.  Congregation Sinai is committed to providing many opportunities for children to have positive Jewish experiences.  The B’nei Mitzvah program is designed both to teach Jewish children how to participate in Jewish worship as well as to be future leaders in the Jewish community and in the world.  It has been designed to meet the needs of the families of Congregation Sinai and reflect the values of the community.

Beginning in kindergarten, all children in Congregation Sinai should receive a formal Jewish education, either in the Sinai Religious School or at a Jewish day school.  It is in a primary or supplementary Jewish school that children gain a knowledge of Jewish living, values, and texts, as well as learn to read Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people.

All elements of Congregation Sinai’s B’nei Mitzvah Program are designed for children who attend Jewish day schools as well as the Sinai Religious School.  The program takes into account what children are learning in their respective schools to ensure that they will be engaged and challenged. 

The staff at Congregation Sinai is eager to help you through the B’nei Mitzvah journey.  If you ever have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Rabbi Berkenwald, Director of Congregational Learning Michelle Taylor, or Executive Director Joelle Pluemer.

Doug Brook, one of Sinai's B'nei Mitzvah tutors, has created a web page to help students learn how to chant Torah and Haftarah.  Here is the link.