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Mirkin Chapel

left glass

right glass

The Mirkin Chapel is utilized for smaller functions such as Sunday Minyan, youthservices, classes and meetings, and life cycle events such as Brit Milah. The chapel's full-size Aron Hakodesh (Torah Ark) was relocated from the original sanctuary when the sanctuary was rebuilt. In addition, the bookcases which lined the walls of the original sanctuary were reused as the library area in the rear of the chapel. Three stained-glass panels were designed around the Aron Hakodesh along the east-facing wall, depicting Creation. Arising from the jumble of Hebrew letters are the Hebrew words Shaddai (a name of God), Echad (one), Torah, and Emet (truth). The windows also depict eighteen pomegranates with a total of 613 seeds representing the 613 Commandments. The windows made by Plachte-Zuleback Art Glass were donated by the Mirkin Family.

To reserve the Mirkin Chapel for special occasions, please contact the office.


Chapel seating