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Congregation Sinai is pleased to have a Kosher state-of-the-art commercial kitchen with separate meat and dairy sections.

The Sinai full-service commercial-grade kitchen

The laws of Kashrut are a large part of living a Jewish life.  Congregation Sinai prides itself in maintaining a strictly Kosher kitchen. We ask that standards of kashrut set by Rabbi Berkenwald be followed at all times by all users.

  • No prepared food from any private home may be used in the synagogue.
  • Separate utensils, pots and pans are used for meat or dairy preparation and service.
  • No open packages may be brought into the synagogue.

Because processed foods must contain kosher ingredients and be prepared in a kosher way, all prepared or packaged food (including canned, frozen, baked, or foods otherwise changed from their natural state) as well as dairy products (yogurts, etc.) must bear kashrut certification from a recognized authority. A hekhsher, or kashrut certification symbol, is an indication that a particular product has been certified by someone who is a knowledgeable authority on the laws of kashrut. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of kashrut certification agencies around the world. Please see the list of acceptable hekhshers that you are likely to find in the marketplace. If you find a hekhsher that is not on this list, please consult with Rabbi Berkenwald.

For a guide to acceptable hekshers at Congregation Sinai, download this document.