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Saturday Morning

Congregation Sinai’s main focus for Shabbat observance is on Saturday morning.  That is when we come together to pray, learn, eat, and catch up with one another (not necessarily in that order).  We pride ourselves on having a warm and friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to anyone who walks through our doors.

We have a number of services that take place on Saturday mornings:

  • A weekly lay-led, egalitarian service in the main sanctuary that includes a complete Torah reading and repetition of the amidah.
  • Monthly youth programs for children.

After services, everyone joins together in the social hall to enjoy a (usually lavish) Shabbat lunch.

The dress code on Shabbat is best described as “business casual.”  While clothing should reflect the holiness of Shabbat, Sinai’s culture is informal and accepting.  We would rather spend Shabbat with you than worry about how you are dressed.  On a typical Shabbat morning, men’s clothing ranges from slacks and a polo shirt to suit and tie.  Women can be found wearing dresses, skirts, or slacks.  Children are encouraged to dress a little nicer than they do for school.

In keeping with Jewish tradition, all males are asked to cover their heads in the sanctuary and chapel on Shabbat.  Females who choose are encouraged to cover their heads as well.  Everyone who comes up to the bimah (dais) is asked to cover his/her head as a sign of respect for the Torah.  Jewish males and many Jewish women wear a tallit, prayer shawl.  Feel free to bring your own, or borrow one of ours from the tallit rack in the foyer outside the sanctuary.