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About Us

Our Mission

Sinai Nursery School is a Jewish preschool that functions under the auspices of Congregation Sinai of San Jose. We offer a quality developmental preschool program in a small, nurturing environment. We encourage our children to explore, discover, and create. We model and teach Jewish values and practices. We foster Jewish identity in an environment of respect and acceptance for all, regardless of background or belief.

Our Philosophy

We believe learning is an active process. Children learn best by doing and experimenting, and it is the teacher's role to provide an environment that is exciting to explore. Our teachers guide children's development by providing hands-on activities that allow children to discover and make conclusions on their own.

We believe a program for young children should respect the individuality of each child and recognize his/her unique needs. Our teachers strive to provide individual learning opportunities and choices to encourage independent thinking and foster self-esteem.

Contact director Ifat Kantorovich by email: [email protected] or phone: 408-264-8486