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ns logoOur Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the development of the whole child. Emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development are interrelated and all activities are designed to stimulate growth in more than one area. The classroom environment is organized into a variety of interest areas and broad themes are developed to stimulate learning in each area. Click here to see a sample daily schedule.

 Language Development     

Storytelling, singing, and dramatic play are just some of the activities that encourage language development.

Problem Solving

Intellectual growth is stimulated through the use of puzzles, matching games, and manipulative tasks that encourage problem solving skills.

Creative Development     

Our program fosters the child's imagination through open-ended art activities, free play, music and dance.

Physical Development

Areas provided for running, jumping, and climbing contribute to the development of large motor skills. Small motor skills are developed through the use of manipulative and art activities.


Children learn to socialize by playing together, sharing, listening and resolving conflict.

Jewish Culture

Our curriculum reflects the egalitarian and pluralistic approach adopted by Congregation Sinai. We celebrate the Jewish holidays, expose our children to Jewish history and modern-day practices, and thus create a strong appreciation of the Jewish culture.