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Account Payment

Make an Account Payment online

Pay online all or part of the balance on the Congregation Sinai account statement you received in the mail. An acknowledgement will be emailed to you.

Certain payments cannot be made using this form:

  • To sign up and pay for a future event at Sinai, please go to the form on that event's web page (click on the event from the Calendar or Event block or home page), so we can collect all of the correct information for the event
  • If you want to make a Donation, please use the Donation form
  • Sinai Nursery Schoool tuition must be paid at the Nursery School

To pay for dues, building fund, religious school tuition, or another item on your account, just fill in the fields below and continue to the payment page.

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Area code and phone number, xxx-xxx-xxxx, in case we need to reach you
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If Other, which item or items on your account statement are you paying for?
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