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Thank you for helping Congregation Sinai with your donation! Your generosity is vital to support our programs and our community, and it is a wonderful way to mark a life event or show someone you care.

  • You can use this online form to donate a specific monetary amount to any of our Sinai funds
  • An acknowledgment will be emailed to you
  • Notification of your contribution (without disclosing the amount) will be mailed to the family of a loved one or to the person being honored by your contribution

To donate a siddur (prayerbook) or chumash (book of Torah and Haftarah readings) instead, please use the Siddur and Chumash Book Donation form

Certain other types of donations (simcha or memorial plaques, sponsoring a Shabbat kiddush) can only be made through the office and not online. Please call (408) 264-8542, or email [email protected], if you would like to make such a donation.


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Donor Information

Name(s) of donors, which will be used for acknowledgements
Name(s) of donors, which will be used for acknowledgements
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Email address to receive acknowledgement of what was donated


Click here to see a description of each fund

Which fund should this donation go to?
Purpose of this gift
Occasion, or optional details of purpose
Message if different than purpose and occasion and donor names above
If tribute card is not being sent to a Congregation Sinai member, please provide name and address
For donations under $50, we traditionally send our donors a card acknowledging their support. All donations above $50 to any Sinai Fund or to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund receive a thank you letter from Rabbi Berkenwald.
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